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50 Round sheets in a box

o Key Benefits

o GVP, Natural grease barrier with no chemical additives

o Water resistant

o Resistant to high temperatures

o Reusable

o Excellent non-stick properties

o Made of virgin cellulose

o Biodegradable*

o Clean surface with no loose fibers

o Safe for direct food contact

o Kosher for Passover and year round.

o Oven safe up to 425 F

o Use in pots and pans


Tip: Wet paper to form into any shape pot or pan.

Tip: Trim to fit smaller round pots and pans




You can use this for

Palisades Kosher Parchment Paper can be used for lining baking pans, protecting counters when rolling out dough, packaging baked goods, and cooking foods "en papillote" (baked in parchment). 

13` Parchment Paper (2 Pack )

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