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Baking with parchment paper hacks and tips

Palisades Parchment Paper Hacks

Palisades Parchment Paper provides the best in versatile uses for baking and cooking. Here are just a few examples of how you can utilize parchment paper for your recipes. 

Line Pans:

Non-stick 100% of the time

Frugal tip; Reusable

Non-Stick and Easy Clean Up:

Line your crock pot, grill without flame,

betty crocker, pizza maker, sandwich maker...

Microwave Safe:

Cover dishes in microwave to prevent splattering

Freezer Storage:

Parchment paper between foods, allows easy separating like hamburgers, patties, chicken cutlets, and pizza slices.


To prevent food form sticking during cooking or baking, cut parchment paper into strips and place between individual pieces.

Disposable Place Mat:

Place a piece of paper under your kid's setting. No worries about spills.

Gifting Goodies:

Wrap your baked goods- for an authentic and artsy feel.

En Papillote:

For fast, healthy and easy cooking. Take a generous piece of parchment paper, place veggies first, put protein of choice on top. Drizzle oil, sprinkle salt and spices. Wrap tightly, place on pan and bake.

Rolling Dough:

Roll dough on parchment paper to prevent sticking on counter and for easy transfer to pan. Tip; place dough between 2 pieces for easy rolling.

Keep Food Warm:

Cut a piece of parchment paper the size of dish. Cover on top to lock in moisture and heat.

Poaching and Boiling:

Use to boil your gefilta fish or meat rolls.

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