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Welcome to Palisades Paper!

Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

Palisades Packaging began more than a decade ago with a simple act of extreme customer service. We continue that tradition to this day. We were already supplying customers in and around New Jersey and New York with product packaging, but we received a special request from a customer to supply them with a top quality parchment paper. So, the staff at Palisades set off on a world quest to find the best parchment paper in the world. We found it in France, home to the best chefs and cooks in the world. We delivered what our customer wanted and then took a second look at what we’d found. We saw a growing need for quality, kosher parchment paper, so we began by providing it. We began offering custom cut parchment paper and grew our business slowly.


Our plan was to focus more on quality and customer service than on size. Our focus on quality paid off. We grew quickly, keeping our attention on our quality and our specialized customer service. Since filling that first specialty order in 1997, we have been providing restaurants and companies around the country with premium parchment papers, foils, cooking and baking supplies. We’re privately owned and operated, so you get personalized attention from all of our staff, including our sales team, vendors and suppliers. Thousands of customers rely on us because they know that our top priority is their satisfaction with our products. We make sure our clients are happy with their orders, and with our service.


Palisades Paper is 100% Recycleable!

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